You haven't seen Washington DC until you seen it under the moonlight.' Visit our nation's most famous political building: The US Capitol.' Gaze upon the dome from the east front lawn and view the beautiful lighting of the World War II Memorial honoring.' Get an up close and personal view of the Lincoln Memorial as our former president sits tall, gazing at reflecting pool. This is a one of kind experience seeing the great memorials illuminated at night.

Departing from Union Station, first you'll head over to the US Capitol where you can get a glimpse of the newly restored dome from the east front lawn. Off to the World War II Memorial!' The architecture and bronze sculptures provide a memorial so that we may honor those who fell and recognize the victories they achieved. Also on this tour: a stop at the Lincoln Memorial and gaze upon our former president looking over the reflection pond and where Martin Luther King Jr. 'I Have a Dream' speech was heard. Other stops on this tour include Korean War and Vietnam War Memorial.

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