Full Day Tour With Lunch To Santa Fe Island And Playa Escondida

Join this full-day tour and visit the Island of Santa Fe, learn about its wildlife and enjoy the nature.

After pickup between 7am - 7:30am, begin your day with a transfer from your hotel to Puerto Ayora dock and then ready to board the yacht Queen Karen I that will take you to the island " Santa Fe " which is 9 sq. mi. (24 sq. km.) and sits 164ft (60m) above sea level.

It's one of the central island and only place to visit an amazing turquoise water bay protected by a natural barrier of rocks, on which colonies of sea lions and hawks are seen flying over. It is home to one of the two species of land iguanas of the islands, whose main food is the leaves and fruits of the large and thick cactus. Crabs, night herons, sea iguanas, mockingbirds and ground doves are seen frequently.

The bay throughout its length and breadth is excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Sea turtles, rays, wolves, fish and the clear and warm water are attractive only. Once all the activities are done, you'll return to Puerto Ayora.

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