America's most famous building is also one of its most haunted. The ghostly history of the U.S. Capitol campus is revealed in a two-hour walk led by a licensed D.C. tour guide who is also a local actor.

Capitol Hill: Day and night, one of Washington's oldest neighborhoods buzzes with activity. Hang around the Hill long enough, and you'll encounter everyone from Congressional staffers grabbing a fast lunch to neighbors taking a late-night stroll. But if you look a little closer, you might discover that you're sharing the neighborhood'and the buildings'with some otherworldly visitors. Who is that shadowy sentry in front of the Supreme Court? What's the story behind the 'whisper spot' in the Capitol? Is that a cat'or a demon'in the Capitol basement? And why should you never step foot in Statuary Hall on New Year's Eve? You'll find out the answers to these questions and more on this decidedly unnerving'and historical'walk.

Please note that this walk does not include interior visits to any of the buildings featured.

Meet your licensed D.C. tour guide outside the Capitol South Metrorail station. From there the walk will proceed to the U.S. Capitol campus, visiting the Cannon House Office Building, U.S. House of Representative, and U.S. Senate. Participants will also see the U.S. Supreme Court, Library of Congress and Folger Shakespeare Library. The two-hour walk travels approximately one mile along level terrain. The route is wheelchair accessible. The walk concludes near the Capitol South Metrorail.

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