All About Bitcoin Bar, The Haymaker

All About Bitcoin Bar, The Haymaker

In August of 2016, The Haymaker opened its doors as a simple bar-based concept with basic offerings, such as Korean fried chicken wings, tater tots with cheddar, bacon, and Sriracha mayo, and bourbon punch. It was a far cry from the upscale dining of its

Same chef, new venue

Chef/owner Matt Cordes, who held the same positions at The Atlas Bar, said that he went with a simpler concept because it’s a venue which would see the locals visit maybe once a week, and he didn’t want them to feel that they had to spend $50 on a meal. So the menu now consists of refined bar food, including a sausage grinder, pork sliders, and wings.

Drinks all round

"Gold Rush: Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, h" (CC BY 2.0) by Lachlan Hardy

The drinks menu features numerous punches to go with cider on tap and a number of craft beers. The bourbon punch, which is made with brown sugar, blackberries, and apples, will satisfy those with a sweet tooth. The rum punch, with peach, orange, and pineapple juices, with gin or whiskey, is on the tiki-side, for those who like to imagine they’re somewhere exotic. The menu also features a mix of Stiegl Grapefruit Radler. The Radler and gin makes for a beer cocktail almost like a Paloma, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Pints of beer and cocktails are around the $7 mark.

In with the new

One particular feature that ranks The Haymaker as a modern bar is the fact that it accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. The cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly popular way of paying for goods and services, both online and offline, as is the technology behind it (blockchain) It’s particularly popular in such industries as banking and casinos. In the former, companies such as Barclays and Swiss bank UBS are looking at blockchain as a way of speeding up back office functions. With regards to the casino industry, offers a good explanation of the benefits of using bitcoin, not least that it’s safe, simple, and instant. A list from here shows a number of online casinos that accept bitcoins to play. Bars are slowly but surely also getting in on the act, but this far, The Haymaker is in the minority.

A brand new look

For those who used to frequent The Atlas Room, but who have yet to experience its replacement, they may be hard-pressed to recognise the space. Gone are the dining tables, which have been replaced by a long wood and granite bar with metal bar stools. The walls now feature wooden planks, along with metal signs for Bazooka gum and John Deere. There are also a number of flatscreen TVs for NFL season. Cordes has even suggested that he is considering a rooftop deck at some point down the line.

"Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Keith Allison

Unlike many of the other bars in the neighbourhood, the kitchen remains open until midnight, which helps to explain why it’s so popular among those looking for something to eat on the way home.

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