Advanced Chiropractic Care

Why Advanced Chiropractic? With over 33 years of experience in chiropractic and physical therapy, and having helped 5,500+ patients, I understand that your health is precious, especially when you're hurting. You Need relief as soon as possible. Our safe, gentle and effective care will help you efficiently regain and maintain an active pain-free, healthy lifestyle. Soon, you're going to start feeling Great again!

Effective, Lasting Relief of:
Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica
Neck Pain, Whiplash, Headaches
Sports Injuries, Hip, Knee, or Leg Pain
Shoulder & Arm Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Foot Pain: Plantar Fascitis, Heel Spur, Neuroma

Our Goal: To Help You Get Well As Quickly As Possible, and Show You How to Stay Well As Long As Possible.

What Makes Our Care Unique? From the very First day, our patients take an Active role during treatment, Learning to achieve significant results Quickly, and learning how to maintain their improvement for a Lifetime. We Start patients on, and Improve their ability to Self-Treat!
Yours In Health,
Dr. Dave