Arabi Center For Arabic Studies




Arabi Center for Arabic Studies


   Arabi Center is one of the leading centers in teaching Arabic language to non native speakers, in Alexandria, the second capital of Egypt,

   Arabi Center recognizes that now days Arabic is one of the world's lively modern languages; it has become of nearly equivalent importance to many world-wide used languages.

   Due to the various political, economic, cultural and religious reasons, the number of people interested in learning Arabic Language has been recently increasing all over the world day-by-day.

   Moreover, Arabic Language is now one of the UN official languages, English, French, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic; it was added as a language of General Assembly, The Security Council, and The Economic & Social Council because of the increase of the UN.This motivated Arabi Center to present its programs according to the international curriculum, which helps students to achieve the language's four skills; (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening)   as:

    Modern Standard Arabic  (MSA)ii

    Classical Arabic (CA)

    Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA)

    Arabic Calligraphy (Khatt-Arabi)

    Arabic for special careers; business, media, and medical

    Arabic for Children

    Training programs for Arabic language teachers

    Online teaching

    Reciting Qur'an with Tajweed


About us:

Arabi Center introduces a new definition for teaching Arabic, not only as a language, but also as a culture, and Human heritage, with effective and complying educational standards in the field of teaching Language.


 Arabi Center provides its courses through regular courses, crash courses, and private classes.

 Arabi Center deliver curriculums

 Arabi Center host scholarships provided by Universities, institutes, and cultural Centers

 Arabi Center  have highly qualified, native speakers instructors

 Arabi Center  are following international curriculum

 Arabi Center   use modern teaching methods

 Arabi Center  courses are certified

 Arabi Center  offer discounts for groups, and families

 Arabi Center  practice Arabic language through outdoors tours

 Arabi Center  provide  free services; internet wireless, library, and indoors events

 Arabi Center  provide paid services; car license , Housing

 Arabi Center  face the Roman Greek museum, 5 minutes from the center of Alexandria, 10 minutes from bibliotheca Alexandrina,  and near most of Alexandria's  landmark

 Arabi Center  is beside a wide parking area

 Arabi Center ' café provides sandwiches, snacks, and soft drinks, (cold& Hot)

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