Ashton Physical Therapy Center

We are manual therapists who specialize in hands-on patient care, one-on-
one at every treatment. From complex joint replacements to the dreaded
frozen shoulder, we strive to improve your quality of life and function.
A combination of good hard work between therapists and patients as well
as a healthy dose of laughter usually accomplishes the goal.

We have 47 years combined experience in all orthopedic problems- here are just some of the conditions we work with:

Back Pain and Sacroiliac Dsyfunction
Frozen Shoulder
Joint Replacements (hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, hand)
Joint Reconstruction including ACLs
Herniated Discs
Nerve Root Compression
Fractures and Dislocations
Hand, Wrist, and Arm Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Muscle Strains / Ligament Sprains
Tendonitis - all joints
TMJ Syndrome
Myositis, Myofascial Pain
Arthritis - Osteo and Rheumatoid
Balance Impairment
All Post Operative Rehabilitation
Full Body Reconditioning

Some types of insurances that we accept at Ashton Physical Therapy Center:

Aetna P.P.O.
Anthem P.P.O.
Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Carefirst Choice / Open Access
Carefirst P.P.O.
Cigna P.P.O.
Department of Labor
Electrical Welfare Trust Fund
Foreign Service Benefit Plan
Greatwest Healthcare P.P.O.
Kaiser / Open Access
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan
Mamsi P.P.O.
Medicare Part B
Medpay / Auto Injury Insurance under many conditions
M.O.A.A. Mediplus (Medicare Supplement)
Mutual of Omaha
Optimum Choice
Tricare Standard
United Healthcare
Workers Comp Insurance