Best Practices Training, Llc

 You are probably well aware that the PMP has a reputation for being a very difficult exam. Over the years, we have had a number of students in our PMP training classes who were MBAs, CPAs, or had other advanced degrees and reported that obtaining the PMP was even more difficult for them than obtaining their other degrees and certifications! We should not minimize the challenge of obtaining this certification. Nonetheless, students going through our program have an extremely high pass rate. On the last day of class, we will write up 5 to 6 benchmark guidelines of where you need to be before attempting the test. If you are dedicated and focused and you follow our prescribed project management methodologies, you will reach these benchmarks. When you meet the benchmarks, I’m 99% confident you will pass the exam. We back up this level of confidence with a full money-back guarantee for our classroom program!

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