Better Health Medical Center

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Better Health Medical Center is a holistic, multi specialty health care clinic. Our focus is to correctly assess the causes of a person's condition, and provide fundamentally sound treatment with priority given to the patient's individual needs. We feel that all parts of the body are inter-related to each other and that restoring the balance of the body leads to optimum health and well being. Our experienced and friendly staff is dedicated to listening to our patients and understanding their concerns. Our office hours are flexibly designed to accomodate morning, afternoon and evening schedules. We are aware of the patient's financial concerns and do everything in our power to work within an individual's budget and make treatment affordable for all.

The most advance treatment methods and equipment are used in our modern facility.

* Back and Neck Problems
* Nerve and Disc Problems
* Hip and Leg Pain
* Arm and Shoulder Pain
* Athletic Injuries
* Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
* Fibromyalgia
* Auto Accident Injuries
* Worker Compensation Injuries
* Headaches and Migraines
* Scoliosis
* Nutritional Deficiencies
* Excessive Weight Gain
* Hormone Conditions

Why choose Better Health Medical Center?

At Better Health Medical Center, our medical doctor’s focus is the health and healing of the total body. Our goal is finding the root cause of each patient's, symptoms to alleviate the pain, and restore well being. To identify various causes of a patient's symptoms, we utilize services and techniques such as:

* Chiropractic Care
* Physical Therapy
* Decompression Treatment
* Massage Therapy
* Acupuncture
* Weight Loss
* (B.R.T.) Body Restoration Technique of Hormone Imbalances
* Nutritional Counseling

And many more