Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital

The 21,000 square foot Yappie Cuttery | Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital facility was designed for your pet's comfort and safety. Soothing music plays throughout all areas of the facility, and we have a climate controlled, micro-filtered environment with special non-skid flooring. Safety is peace of mind. We’ve installed above and below ground security fencing in our outdoor play area. Inside, we have security cameras in all areas of our facility, and in the event of a fire, our smoke damper system pulls smoke away from all pet areas.

Hydro Therapy
Get ready to doggie paddle! We have a heated, indoor 40' lap pool and an underwater treadmill for therapy, rehabilitation, conditioning and fun. Swimming is a great, low-impact alternative to running or walking. Come by and jump in!

Veterinary Care
Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital is a fully equipped, on-site animal hospital offering routine wellness exams, diagnostic testing, complete dental care and rehabilitative therapy. We have an on-site lab for timely, precise results and our own pharmacy to dispense medication. Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital offers the best in quality, affordable health care with premier technology for the best of both worlds.

Yappie Cuttery offers grooming to your specifications for dogs, cats and birds by our licensed and certified staff. Ask about our V.I.P. program that offers savings of up to two groomings a year, plus a teeth cleaning, flea treatment and a massage at no additional charge.

Luxury Accommodations
We offer boarding for dogs and cats. Dogs relax in sanitary, stainless steel kennels and are exercised in our indoor and outdoor play rooms. All dogs are exercised a minimum of three times a day for up to 30 minutes each. They are sure to be dog tired after a day of activity, and can rest on their own pet cot or fleece bedding. Cats relax in our peaceful cattery with a wooded view. All cats have their own litter box and multi-tier accommodations. They can bask in the sun, play with toys, romp in our cat play area or watch a movie. We assure you, they will be purrring with pleasure. We also have accommodations that cater to geriatric and special needs pets.

Doggie Daycare
Doggie daycare and puppy pre-school are perfect for a playful pup or high energy adult dog. In day care, dogs are grouped by size and age while under the close supervision of trained staff who lead play activities and have fun! All daycare dogs are walked and watered throughout the day, and enjoy a mid day nap in their own kennel.

Yappie Cuttery offers group classes in basic, advanced obedience and agility training. We offer private lessons for owners that desire one on one training and problem solving. We also have a day school program where a trainer works individually with your dog at our facility. Training sessions are followed by a lesson with the owner to review what the dog was taught during the day.