Burs & Garrett Physical Therapy, Pa


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Burs & Garrett Physical Therapy, Inc. has been in business since 1989. Burs and Garrett is located in Charles Village, five minutes from downtown Baltimore. Our office is located in the Bank of America building, which is easily accessible by public transportation and is surrounded with adequate parking.

Burs & Garrett is a privately owned and managed out-patient physical therapy facility which employs a team of qualified professional therapists with a diversified range of skills providing the following services:

* Promote Healthy Lifestyle Changes
* Encourage Patient Health Education
* Provide On-site Post-Rehab and Beginner Fitness Programs
* Provide an On-site Wellness Center

Work Related Injuries

"Common work injuries include spine disorders – particularly in the heavy machinery industries – and cumulative trauma from repetitive motions, which causes carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The incidence of cumulative trauma continues to increase as computer usage grows." (American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
Vehicle Injuries

"More than 41,000 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes each year, and crash injuries result in about 500,000 hospitalizations and four million emergency department visits annually. The economic burden of motor vehicle-related deaths and injuries is also enormous, costing the United States more than $150 billion each year." (National Center For Injury Prevention and Control)