Classic Cigars & British Goodies

Classic Cigars and British Goodies on Wilson Boulevard houses one of the more impressive arrays of British wares in the D.C. area. A few things that may catch your eyes are the fridges full of Irish bacon, breakfast pudding, and bangers, as well as cold drinks such as Irn Bru (a sweet Scottish soda), Lilt (a refreshing lemon/lime soda), and Ribena (a black currant-flavored soda).

The store also boasts and array of fine confections and sweets, ranging from Cadbury's Dairy Milk to Rowntree Fruit Gums!

The dry goods aisle is also a delight, with the sight of the requisite Marmite and its disturbing cousin, a beefy yeast paste called Bovril, which can be made into soup stock or a delicious spread for toast! Other condiments included an alarming range of pickled spreads by Branston and Heinz, as well as Heinz's "Salad Cream."

Of course, this store doubles as a smoke shop, so it’s worth noting that smokers looking for a coffeehouse prop that's a bit more pretentious