Coming Full Circle

We are all healers. Through our own families, colleagues, friends and work, we can heal others.  I believe my path is to help my clients clear out confusion and despair and magnify the healing you offer the world.  I offer four paths: Past-life Spiritual Regression, Psychic Reiki, Spirit Psychic Channeling and Energy Clearing. 

For we are magnificent beings, that we came here to love, to serve, to learn and to teach. I hope you:

Experience your joy, health and life purpose fully;

Heal your physical and energetic body, bringing your chakras of ‘chi’ – universal energy- back into balance and joy;

Meet your angels/spirit guides through channeled psychic readings;

Remember that every lifetime has a higher purpose and that your body is your ally;

Remember you are divine, your soul has beauty and joy to spare and to share.

I offer my healings in person in the Washington DC area or at a distance with a photo and phone call. I am also happy to refer you to other great healers in our community. May I be of service…
Come, remember you came here to be magnificent!  Serena Cekan

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