Concept Group Usa Strategic Brand And Operational Consulting

Brand refinement, awareness and expansion services

We assist forward thinking businesses in building out the essence of what makes them unique and able to add real value to their customers.

We help define what differentiates you from your competitors in a way that is relevant and authentic, through:

• Brand marketing analysis and assessment
• Key message refinement
• Re-crafting of marketing materials
• Expansion of core “brand story”
• Creation or refinement of legacy and mission statements
• Sharpening stakeholder communications
• Community stakeholder outreach

Then we help you develop communications strategies and tactics that effectively tell your story in compelling terms that gets attention.

It's a mix of public relations, branding, community relations, marketing, and industry relations.

We also help you reach out to "influencers," the leaders within your industry who shape opinion. We can open doors to corporate leaders, association executives, government officials and the media.

We help you tell your story every day, through contact with customers, future customers, industry groups, stakeholders, reporters and editors. We also help you use valuable resources, including time and money, as efficiently and effectively as possible so you can consistently drive home the "key messages" about what makes you special.

Quite simply, we get folks in your target audiences, the people you care about most, to know your true "brand story" and thereby move you closer to achieving your most critical business goals.