DC Metro Cleaning

Dc Metro Cleaning

Event Cleaning... Done right !
DC Metro Cleaning  offers Pre and Post Party Clean up Services to take the stress out cleaning before or after your big event. We can restore your house or rented space to it's original condition in just a few hours.

Don't spend time cleaning before and after party. Let us do the work!

We specialize in pre and post event cleaning of all types including cleaning after office parties, weddings, birthdays, baby showers and many other occasions.

Our pre party cleaning services include:
Sweeping, vacuuming  and
mopping of the floors
Disinfecting and sanitizing of all food prep areas 
Detailed cleaning and dusting of all surfaces
Cleaning and refreshing of washrooms
Set up of tables and chairs 
Decor and party rental equipment unpacking

Our  Post Party Cleaning Services include:
Washing and Cleaning dishes and other party items
Cleaning and polishing tables and other furniture
breakdown of tables and stacking of chairs 
Getting rid of after party trash
Reorganizing furniture in the rooms
Vacuuming and mopping floors
Dispose of all bottles, plastic plates, and cans
Cleaning kitchen and bathrooms

Alleviate  stress associated with planning animportant  event whether it's  in your home or  on a larger scale... Count on DC Metro Cleaning.
Cleaning customizing your cleaning to fit  your  budget needs.

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