Dc Youth Orchestra Program

Music for young people; achievement for life!

To achieve our mission, the DC Youth Orchestra Program adheres to the following mandates:
     1. Provide affordable, accessible, quality music instruction &
          performance opportunities for young people in the DC
          Metropolitan area;
     2. Develop a youth orchestra capable of competing successfully
          at the national and international levels;
     3. Instill in our students the discipline and focus necessary to

          succeed academically as well as musically.

Every year, over 600 children play in the DC Youth Orchestra Program, making it the largest youth orchestra in the Washington area.

The program accepts all students, regardless of experience or income level.

Over the last 4 years, more than 25% of students received subsidized or free tuition, and that percentage is growing.

Enrolling your child in the DC Youth Orchestra Program ensures your child finishes high school. Virtually every student who graduates from our Program graduates from high school.

Offering 17 times more classes than any other DC-area youth orchestra organizations, the DC Youth Orchestra Program is a leading music education resource.

DC Youth Orchestra Program tuition is over 25% lower than other area youth orchestras for DC students.

Students pay, on average, about 45% of the costs of programs offered by DC Youth Orchestra Program.