Elayne Smith The Center for Connection, Healing and Change

Elayne Smith The Center For Connection, Healing And Change

At CCHC, we specialize in the promotion of secure and connected relationships, both to ourselves and our most important others. We also focus on the family treatment of teen and adult addiction. Our services include: Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Pre-marital Counseling, Sex Therapy, Divorce Discernment, Co-parenting, Child and Adolescent Therapy, Teen and Adult Addiction Treatment, Trauma Therapy, and Infant-Family Bonding/Support. Our substance use and process addiction recovery services provide integrative care that address emotional, mental, physical, relational functioning. Treatment plans are custom-designed for each client and family we work with.

We work with a variety of issues, including: relationship distress/conflict, attachment, addiction, emotional intimacy and regulation, military life, sexual issues, broken trust, anger, self-worth, stress, PTSD, behavioral issues, infidelity, blended families, pre- and post-natal mental health, baby bonding, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, illness, and anger management.
We believe that when people reach out for help, they want to know their guide has a clear map. Each therapist has a different clinical focus and invests in ongoing professional development relevant to their specialty. We offer day, evening, and weekend appointments. Military families can enjoy a 10% discount.

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