Fast Track Physical Therapy

We are out of network with all insurances but will submit to your insurance companies, or you can pay cash.

Fast Track Physical Therapy is a niche practice for endurance athletes providing sport-specific evaluations and treatment plans. Our highly trained therapists provide a thorough evaluation to solve the dysfunction that is causing your injury. Unlike standard orthopedic clinics, we perform slow motion video analysis of you in the sport that is aggravating your symptoms. Our dynamic analysis reveals how your movement patterns contribute to your injury. This part of the evaluative process is imperative to prescribe an efficient treatment plan. We can’t treat running injuries without evaluating how you run. We can’t treat cycling injuries without analyzing your position on the bike and your cycling technique.
We also modify your current training program to allow for continued safe efforts towards your racing goals. We provide one on one care exclusively with licensed physical therapists who have been trained in sports analysis and possess athletic backgrounds.
It is the Fast Track mission to restore hope in our clients and provide a means for safe return to sport as quickly as possible.

Sports Rehab
If you have an existing injury or pain, you’re best course of action is to schedule an appointment for a physical therapy evaluation. Your course of treatment will include video analysis of your sport, movement retraining, manual therapy as needed, and a return to sport plan. Our physical therapy services can be covered by insurance. Call to schedule an appointment or for further questions.

Running Analysis
A 2 hour assessment provided by Fast Track physical therapists that is divided into two parts:
1. An assessment of flexibility, strength, foot type, and range of motion. The emphasis is placed on tests specific to running such as gluteus medius (hip) strength, lower leg control, and foot strength.
2. Slow motion video analysis for running technique and position.
You will receive recommended corrective exercises and running technique strategies to address the evaluated deficits.
*Note: This program is for runners without pain looking to improve performance or stay injury free. Injured runners are encouraged to schedule a physical therapy evaluation in which all of the above will be included.
Rate: $220