Fox Chapel Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Fox Chapel Veterinary Hospital

Fox Chapel Veterinary Hospital is a modern, well-equipped veterinary facility providing the following on-site services:

* Complete Companion Animal Care
* Examinations, Vaccinations, Surgery and Medicine
* Routine and Advanced Surgical Procedures (exploratory, spaying and neutering)
* Behavior Consultations (elimination disorders, destructive behavior)
* Dental Care (teeth cleaning, extractions)
* Diagnostic Laboratory Services (blood tests, urinalysis, microscopic exams)
* Dietary and Nutritional Counseling (weight management, food allergies)
* Boarding (Cats only)
* Geriatric Care (diet, behavior, medical)
* Hospitalized Treatments (IV fluids, continuous medicine infusions)
* Radiology (x-rays, contrast imaging)
* Wellness and Preventive Medicine
* Pet Adoption Consultations and Exams

Dr. McKeown and Dr. Hirth work closely with local veterinary specialists in Cardiology, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Orthopedics, and Radiology to provide the best available veterinary care.

We address these questions everyday!

1. Did you just add a new kitten to your family?
2. Is an older companion dog starting to show signs of slowing down?
3. Has your dog or cat started scratching a lot?

Fox Chapel Veterinary Hospital, a full-service animal hospital in Germantown, MD, provides comprehensive veterinary care and behavioral management for dogs and cats. We are experienced veterinary practitioners who pride ourselves on our ability to accurately diagnose, and clearly explain pets’ medical problems to their owners. We carefully review treatment options with our clients and work with them to develop an effective course of action. If needed, we have close working relationships with Washington, DC-area veterinary specialists who can offer our clients state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to assist in caring for their pets.

Our goal is to provide the best possible veterinary care for our clients’ pets in a warm, friendly and, most importantly, compassionate atmosphere. Our house cats, Peanut and Jelly, welcome clients in their own special way and make them feel like part of our family. We also have fun. Our clients confirm this and our patients are the proof!