Free State Auto & Truck Service

Dear Customers of FreeState Auto & Truck Service:

FreeState Auto & Truck Service has been in business since 1989. We began as a two-man shop and currently have 12 employees. We have built our business by doing three things: being honest, giving good quality, and providing great service. I believe that if we do these things, our business (or any business) will be successful.

I can't talk about our success without mentioning both my employees and customers. FreeState has been blessed over the years by having some of the best employees and the most loyal customers. I do realize their role in FreeState's success, so we work hard to keep our commitment to excellence by keeping our technicians up to date on the latest automotive technology. We also work very hard to provide quality service at a reasonable price.

FreeState gives back to the community in the form of many outreach programs. One of thes programs offers free oil changes to teachers assistant teachers in local elementary and middle schools: we also support many church functions and civic associations projects. We do believe we have a role to play in our community, especially in supporting our children.

Furthermore, FreeState demonstrates our commitment by maintaining membership in the following groups:

Prince George's Chamber of Commerce
Better Business Bureau
Aaa Approved Repair
Automotive Service Excellence(Ase)
Among other automotive-related industry groups.

If you have been to FreeState in the past, I thank you for your support. If this is your first visit, I welcome you and hope we will win you over with our great service. Either way - I do appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to keep your trust.

Thank you,
Charlie Kidwell
FreeState Auto & Truck Service