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Tips for East Potomac Park Golf Course

A great driving range with two levels. Another good thing about this range is that it's open during the winter with heated stalls.

- Kenneth Westling

Avoid this course at all costs if it has rained. With no irrigation system, the water just sits for days. Surprisingly, the course has recently been in pretty decent condition.

- Kenneth Westling

Cheap buckets. Good place to work on that slice. Lights off at 1030...

- Bryan Ross

During the summer at the range, best to grab a first level stall. Saves the sun beating down on you for an hour.

- Drew Henderson

Sherwood is the best instructor! He's patient, identified my issues and gave me more confidence in swing!

- Felicia

If you're going to the range more than once then get a range card vs. tokens. You get more balls for less $ with the range card.

- John Haberland

Mini-golf and the driving range is a great afternoon for under $20

- Roy Houseman

Nice municipal course! Try the wine and nine on Friday nights!

- Shawn McLain

East Potomac Park Golf Course

View from the 6th hole. Washington Monument, which currently looks more like a steel condom.

- Traci J

If you take a golf class ask for Tim. He is a great instructor and will really help you improve your game.

- Marriop

Want to take a break and go golfing or play putt putt? This is your place.

- StayArlington

The "Awakening" statue of the Giant is now at the National Harbor.

- Tai Fung

tall boys of PBR are $4 at the driving range store.

- Eric Gundersen

For winter play you better have a golf towel. Or really like mud

- Steven Fleming

Keep an eye out for one of the resident bald eagles!

- Michele Casey

Since former dump do not play after a rain storm and particularly if at high tide because there is no drainage

- Michelle Drum

The capital city golf school here is very helpful, highly recommended.

- Joe McCormack

The only place where you can (legally) tee off with the Washington Monument in the background!

- Chuq Yang

The Potomac Grill has good eats at decent prices!

- Carla Crider

Witness the awesome power of Gandalf the grey.

- Kevin Lenane

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