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Tips for Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

This tribute features outdoor galleries, statues and inscriptions meant to represent the 32nd U.S. president’s time in office, from 1933 to 1945.


I'm not sure why people are coming up and taking pic in the bread line with smiles on. It was not a happy time.

- Jon Stewart

Stand w/ @BarackObama: Protect Medicare, Medicaid & Education. Support #JobsNotCuts

- Jobs Not Cuts

Definitely the best memorial in DC. Sculptures, waterfalls, evocative quotes... A fitting tribute to the man who brought this country out of the Great Depression.

- Sean McGrath

The best memorial in DC, different quotes and sculptures are all around. Even on the steps! You could spend hours looking around this one monument.

- Dustin Pfannenstiel

Room Three is “The War Years” (1940-44). Loud waterfalls symbolize turmoil of US entrance to WWII. FDR sculpture controversial for lap blanket considered to hide handicap. Full site history via

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President that got all of you social security!

- Alessandro Barchi

Go to the FDR Memorial at night. The lights play with the statues and waters in a way that daylight just doesn't bring out.

- JR Russ

Room Four “Seeds of Peace” (1944-1945). Statue pays tribute to the former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. This work was the first public artwork to honor a First Lady. Full site history via

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Room Two is reflection of FDR’s 2nd term (1936-1940) titled “Social Policy.” Features 3 sculptures by George Segal (known for Gay Liberation work in NYC Christopher Park). Full site history via

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One of the greatest presidents of all set a benchmark for all the monument is fitting. Some cool different sculptures beautiful waterfall read the words and take a moment big photo op here

- Erik Cintron

Did you know Franklin Delano Roosevelt hosted a hot dog picnic at his private retreat in Hyde Park, New York for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth?

- Presidential Libraries

Kids say the best part of this memorial is the statue of three-foot high Fala, Roosevelt's Scotty dog, whom they're allowed to pet. Powered by ParentsConnect.com

- Dora

Sad to see how many visitors - wink, wink millennials - don't understand the monument depicting how impoverished we were, and decide to pose smiling with the statues of those in the food line.

- Rennie Leon

Room One is titled “The Early Years” and focuses on Roosevelt’s first term from 1932-1936. Along south wall is 30' bas relief by Robert Graham titled The First Inaugural. Full site history via

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

After nearly 50 yrs in planning/construction & $48 million incurred, the 7.5 acre Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial was dedicated on May 2, 1997 by President Bill Clinton. Full site history via

- IWalked Audio Tours

Make sure to start at Term 1 and work you way through the time line.

- Richard Revilla

Ask yourself if the current leaders of our country have the same love of our country's REAL core values as FDR once did.

- J R

If you make it this far you are almost to Jefferson. You gotta see Jefferson, declaration of Independence writer?!!

- Chris T

Start at the water falls and work your way to the quiet pool.

- Susan Brashear

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