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Tips for Korean War Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Dedicated in 1995, this memorial honors the U.S. military members who served in the Korean War (1950-53). More than 54,000 Americans were killed, while more than 100,000 others were wounded.


19 Statues: 14 Army, 2 Marines, 1 Navy, 1 Air Force. Each weighs~1,000 lbs. Reflected on the wall it creates the image of a total of 38 statues, symbolic of the 38th Parallel & 38 months of the war.


Pay your respects to the soldiers that lost their life for freedom.

- Alessandro Barchi

Freedom is not free!

- Edgard Portela

Korean War Veterans Memorial

19 stainless steel statues. Each measures 7’3”-7’6” tall & weighs 1000 lbs each. 164' long black granite wall has sandblasted onto it over 2,400 actual photos from war. More site info via

- IWalked Audio Tours

Interesting fact: To make the 164-foot-long wall, a computer-generated stencil guided the sandblasting that carved the images in stone.

- WorldStrides

Gorgeous! Check it out....

- Fernanda Secco

Check the Korean War Memorial out at night!

- Kellie Boutwell

Incredibly touching memorial and very thought provoking.

- Samantha Castagna

No matter where you are there is one soldier statue looking directly at you

- Stephen Petrock

Korean War Veterans Memorial

One of the most powerful, haunting, awesome memorial I have ever seen

- Kevin Farm

My favorite DC memorial

- Eddie Yeti

Bring your children...teach them about sacrifice.

- Todd Gerber

Look around you, there are always living veterans from every conflict gathered at this memorial.

- Ching Yu ™

Leave a legacy, teach your children...

- Regina Vella

one of the most powerful memorial I've seen.. breathtaking impression

- SJ8544123 L

Another historic memorial on the runners' path

- StayArlington

My father was in the korean war. This is awesome

- Julie Saccocia-augustine

Go at night w/high expectations… VERY moving.

- Tobye Nelson


- Nurdin Lathief

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