Tips for Langston Golf Course

Better of the two golfing options in DC proper. Lot of history, too. Birthplace of African-American golf on the east coast, established in 1939.

- Josh Culling

In addition to 18 fun holes of golf, the food is so inexpensive, you'd think you were transported back to 1989.

- Sean McGrath

Salmon always do justice

- TantalizingTease Of Tequila


- Tonia TaknCharge Coley

Has nice little deli, good finger food!

- Melvin McNeil Jr

- Luke Watson

Tons of great history here!

- Rufus Knight

Water on holes 3 & 5

- Ken

They got $6 for 45balls and rental for some clubs

- Teddy Haile

18 holes walking at Sunrise....

- Sterling Ashby

Location & Directions