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Tips for Thomas Jefferson Memorial

President Roosevelt asked the Commission of Fine Arts about the possibility of erecting a memorial to Thomas Jefferson. Construction went from 1938-43, & Roosevelt laid the first cornerstone himself.


Designed by John Russell Pope, the Memorial was built between 1939 and 1943. The bronze statue of Jefferson, added in 1947, is 19ft tall and weighs 10,000lbs.


What an incredible tribute to a great mind.

- Dave H

I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. --Thomas Jefferson (inscription around the rotunda)

- Bethany Lynn

Did you know? This memorial's designer, John Russell Pope, had originally drawn up plans (and was turned down) for a memorial to Theodore Roosevelt for this same location.

- Chevrolet

Skip the long lines during the day and visit at night—when lit, this white marble memorial is even more magical! Powered by ParentsConnect.com

- Dora

Too bad it's illegal to dance at TJ's memorial. Jefferson would be outraged if he were alive today.

- Anthony Will

Come here to be inspired.

- John

This is beautiful in the spring when the cherry blossoms are all blooming. Makes me feel very peaceful and patriotic.

- Lexy Haynes

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Nicknamed "Jefferson's Muffin." Domed shape bldg is based upon a structure of Jefferson’s own design. Transcript error was noted on Declaration of Independence quote in 1972. More site info via

- IWalked Audio Tours


- Kirt Floyd

TeamTRI Tip: Bask in the brilliant writings. Enjoy the majestic view and architecture. Then head down below the memorial to enjoy the special tributes and exhibits to Jefferson that many miss.

- Ryan Underwood

My second favorite memorial in DC. Wait for construction to finish and then relax on the steps overlooking the Potomac. Quintessential DC.

- Sean McGrath

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

You're not allowed to practice your First Amendment at one of the Founding Father's monument/memorial.

- Nathan

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Beautiful at dusk/night.

- kirstie r

Make this your last stop and check it out at night. He looks out over the Tidal Basin for some great night-time shots.

- Matt Rosenberg

This memorial if ur lazy u might miss it cuz its a walk kind of out of the way of the rest but I think of the prettiest right off the water and u see all the other monuments so pretty from here

- Erik Cintron

If you look at the back, you can get a beautiful view of Tidal Basin and the Washington Memorial.

- Joseph Herring

Check in here march 29 from noon until 130 and get a free cherry blossoms map! Use #postblossoms to find us.

- Going Out Guide from PostLocal

What a nice place to take friends, family and visitor. If you go to D.C. Don't forget to go to Thomas Jefferson. I'm a big fan of Thomas Jefferson, I like all his art works, his saying & architectures

- Catia DaSilva

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