Gdg Productions

GDG PRODUCTIONS is Washington, DC's full service events production company. GDG PRODUCTIONS' work includes presidential inaugural balls, major galas, elegant state functions, elaborate corporate events, conventions, significant art exhibits, and noted stage performances.

Established in Washington, D.C. in 1978, GDG PRODUCTIONS's clients include significant institutions, prestigious international corporations, and major non-profit organizations.

GDG PRODUCTIONS seamlessly incorporates the most elaborate designs, complex stage installations, state-of-the-art presentations, intricate multimedia systems, and elaborate special effects required by each event.

From concept development to implementation, GDG PRODUCTIONS has a demonstrated record of providing the custom designs, props, decorations, and advance system solutions required by the most complex events.  GDG PRODUCTIONS has worked in every major venue in the Washington, DC area and has a proven ability to effectively manage and deliver the content and visual effects required by each production.

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