Glamour Color & Hair Studio

Has the dry air taken all the moisture out of your hair? Glamour Color can help rejuvenate and transform your hair to a moist luminous sensation with our deep conditioning treatment ($15 value). If your bored of that same dull color you’ve had all year, come embark in the ecstasy of our beauty techniques and styles that will take your night to the town with our color highlight special ($150 value). Finalize the perfection with a haircut designed exclusively for your face that portrays your inner beauty as well ($55 value). And even if you don’t know exactly what you want, Glamour Color’s trained stylists will unleash and polish a new you, one that you didn’t know existed. Accompanied by your choice of an immaculate artwork of eyebrow wax or thread ($15 value). All for only $119.99, (new customers only) So wait no longer, and come indulge yourself into the enchanting ambiance Glamour Color has to offer. Where the originality of our professional stylists can create your every wish into a command at the best prices you can find.