Glen Echo Park

Glen Echo Park

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Located six miles northwest of Georgetown along the scenic Potomac River palisades, Glen Echo Park began in 1891 as a National Chautauqua Assembly "to promote liberal and practical education." By 1900, the park was on its way to becoming what would be the premier amusement park in the Washington area until 1968.

Since 1971, the National Park Service has owned and operated the site with the help of its partnership organization the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Montgomery County, and the local community. The park has come full circle and, harking back to its Chautauqua days, now offers year-round cultural and recreational activities. It is one of the most unique National Park Service cultural resource sites in the country.While this is an open forum, it is also a family friendly one, so please keep your comments and wall posts clean. In addition to keeping it family friendly, we ask that you follow our posting guidelines here. If you don't comply, your message will be removed.

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