Henry Mc Cleary, D.C., C.S.C.S. (Dr. Mac) Chiropractor, & Certified Strength & Conditioning Spec.


New Patient Special - $49 for 1st Visit

Did you know that most insurance companies cover chiropractic care? Our New Patient Special states that no one will have a first visit at our office that cost them more than $49 out of pocket expense. If your co-pay or deductible is greater than $49 - will only pay $49 for your first office visit. If your insurance does not cover chiropractic, or you have no insurance - your first office will only cost $49!

We will do an insurance verification during your first office visit, so that you will know your co-pay and any other out of pocket expense you may have -- if you need to have care beyond your first office visit. We are in network with most insurance companies, so whatever you normally pay for a co-pay per visit is most likely your out of pocket expense for your first office visit.

Includes: Consultation, Exam, Chiropractic Adjustment, Physical Therapy,
& Myofascial Release (Massage). Retail Value $140 to $325.

Why choose between Chiropractic or Physical Therapy when you can have Chiropractic & Physical Therapy with Dr. Mac's Comprehensive Triple Phase System!

Chiropractic has great treatment procedures for injury and pain management, and Physical Therapy has great treatment for injury and pain management. The combination is awesome! Dr. Mac's Triple Phase System uses Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Soft Tissue Manipulation (Deep Tissue Massage, Active Release, Graston) for your sports, & auto injuries; and acute & chronic pain.. Extremely effective for all spinal injuries, and injuries to all extremity joints. Also very effective for frequent chronic headaches and TMJ.

Dr. Mac is a Licensed Holistic Chiropractor, & Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Specializing in Physical Rehab for Sports, Auto & Repetitive Injury Treatment, Pain Management, Personalized Exercise Programs for Sports, Weight Loss and General Wellness.

Dr. Mac’s Mission Statement

To be a helping hand for all those seeking to eliminate their pain and suffering with drug free non surgical systems, so that they can avoid the dangerous side effects and dependency on drugs.

Using the Chiropractic Lifestyle Principles of: Healthy, Spine, Healthy Movement, Healthy Food, Healthy Thoughts as the foundation of creating Healthy Whole Radiant People!
Coordinating care of his patients with other doctors; neurologists, orthopedist, internist, physical therapist, psychologists, & dietitians.Dr. Mac looks to emphasize the coordination and balancing of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy rehab/fitness/activity, soft tissue manipulation (myofascial release, trigger points, massage etc.) , nutrition & supplementation, and positive spiritual/mental attitude.