Integrative Physical Therapy & Wellness, Inc.

Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. strives to provide an exceptional level of individual care and attention to every client. We are owned and operated by Physical Therapists. Our staff is dedicated to provide high-quality comprehensive care. Our compassionate, understanding Therapists and Staff who are looking forward to providing you with one-on-one individual attention.

Our Treatment Spectrum includes:

Exercise Instruction
Lymph Flow
Circulation Issues
Chronic/Acute Muscle Spasms
Nerve dysfunctions/impingements
Nutritional Consult
Movement dysfunctions
Neck Pain
Low Back Pain
Spinal Cord disorders
Shoulder Pain
Impingement syndrome
Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis
Abdominal Pain
Chronic Pain
Atypical Nerve Pain
Plantar fascitis
Vestibular/Balance disorders
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Jaw Pain
Weight Management
Pain related to Digestive Problems
Wellness Training

Integrative Physical Therapy is conveniently located on Herndon Parkway between Spring Street and Monroe/Van Buren, Herndon, Virginia. We can offer extended hours, same day appointments and we attempt to work within the parameters of client needs and based on availability.

Integrative Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. is an "in-network" provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield and "out of network" provider for other insurance carriers. We can assist clients in submitting insurance claims appropriately.

Our company was established gradually over time beginning in 2004 and formally incorporated in April 2009. Initially, services were provided to various companies throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. Now, we have our own site location and we can provide direct care to our own clientel. We have consistently worked toward the highest quality of care possible with every environment and situation presented.

Each client is treated with respect and individuality. Care is provided in a one-to-one setting that way we can assure each client has our full undivided attention. We attempt to maintain a soothing and calm atmosphere throughout our office. Every effort is made to work within the parameters of the clients schedule, within reason. We work to coordinate care with other members of the medical team to best serve each client.

We are individually owned and operated. We do not have a large corporation dictating policy to our care. This allows us flexibility to modify or adjust how our treatment is delivered to better tailor care to the clients individual needs within appropriate parameters.