J AMP Xl, Computers

Technology Solutions For Home/Office Computing

Technology Solutions For Home/Office Computing

Dear: J.A.M.P. – X.L., Computers Client(s)

Mission Statement:

Our mission is simple:  To make technology an asset for your home/office business solutions.

Our goal is relentless:  To deliver the highest quality of services while keeping your system(s) in compliance with today’s technology.  We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your computing needs.  We have over 20 years of computer repair experience and have seen many operating systems come and go over the years.  With the busy schedule that most of us have, it is extremely difficult to find the time to take your computer to a physical shop and drop it off.  That is why we introduced our Remote Desktop Support.  We can repair your system literally while you go about your daily tasks or you can watch the fix in process if you prefer.

As your technology partner, when your business grows ours will grow with you, therefore, we will work hard hand in hand with you to support your computing need(s)/growth.

We also would like to assure you that your system(s) will be worry-free and seconds away from today’s high tech demands for the new millennium.

In addition, we provide the latest Anti-Virus Protection/Removal, Spy-Ware Protection/Removal, Peak Performance (Refurbished) Systems, System Diagnostics, Data/Crash System Recovery, System Security, System Password Recovery, Training/Tutoring at an affordable cost.

Quite simply, we are a state of the art remote computer repair center.  We are 'leading edge' when it pertains to remote computer repair. 

Thank you in advance for choosing J.A.M.P.-X.L. Computers as your primary Home/Office Technology Partner.

Phillip Hines-Bey
JAMP-XL, Computers