Lake Forest Clinic, Dr. Andrew S. Choi

Lake Forest Clinic is integrated health care clinic offers services of physical therapy, chiropractic and various therapies like massage and acupuncture for people who had back and neck pain, also many other muscle and joint problems from work injury, sports injury and motor vehicle accident.

Dr. Choi was practicing private practice for 7 years in Rochester New York and teaching at New York Chiropractic College before he moved his practice in Maryland year 2006. Dr. Choi's personalized care and in depth knowledge of injury mechanism positioned him on the top injury doctor in Washington Metropolitan area.

The services provided in Lake Forest Clinic are

* Automobile Accident Injury Care
* Work Injury Care
* Physical Therapy & Chiropractic
* Student School Sports Physical Exam
* Commercial Driver Medical Certification Exam
* Handycap Driver Certification Exam
* Pre-employment Physical Exam
* Independent Medical Exam, Second Opinion

Lake Forest Clinic is not a primary doctor's office that giving pain medicine, cold medicine or immunization shots.

Doctor with Good Hands and Knowledge. Multilingual Staffs speaking English, Spanish and Korean.