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Lisa's Fashions

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Lisa’s Fashions carries the most Fabulous Suits, Hats, Purses, and Shawls All for the Queen that YOU ARE!  Women sizes ranges from 4-36w, Lisa’s Fashions represents all women whether it be the First Lady or the woman that is in need of a suit for Church, Casual, Formal, Special Occasion, Banquet or Weddings Lisa’s Fashions has the Suit for YOU!  We also have suits for your Women’s Group, your Ushers, your Evangelist, your Missionaries and more!  Oh and by the way, don’t leave out the men in you life, whether it be your Husband, your Son, your Son-in-law, your Uncle, Cousin or Grandfather they want to look stylish to! 


Men we have the most stylish suits with the Men sizes ranging from 36-56.  So whether you are going to Church, Work, a Banquet, a Business Meeting, a Night out on the Town with someone special, a Wedding or just doing YOU, we have a suit for YOU!  Now Men, just as I told the Ladies, you can’t forget them, so while you are picking something out for you pick out something for her to! 


Fashions Befitting Of You, Because You Deserve It!