Little Pearls Dentistry For Children

Why do kids trust us? At Little Pearls Dentistry we go to great lengths to provide a warm and trusting environment for children. It isn't the toys in our reception room, the movies, or the monthly toy store raffle that make children trust us. It's a staff that might play with your child in the reception area or read her a book to help ease her anxiety. It's an office that often sees anxious children several times before any treatment is begun. Our infant room resembles a cozy nursery so babies and parents feel right at home. We do not respond to a fearful or "misbehaving" child with physical restraint. It is an office that understands that patience and compassion are remarkable and wonderful substitutes for sedation and general anesthesia. It is an office that always encourages parents to accompany their children to the treatment room. And if a child tells us during treatment, "Stop, that hurts!", we do. But these are just a few of the reasons children and parents trust us.