Metabolic Acupuncture | Rocco Manziano, L.Ac.

Metabolic Acupuncture | Rocco Manziano, L.Ac.

I offer a unique and systematic whole body healing approach that combines new cutting-edge therapies such as Metabolic Nutrition along with the tried-and-true methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture in Rockville, MD in order to restore the quality of your life on all levels.  I will walk side-by-side with you as a partner in your healing process so that you can live to your maximum potential.  The benefits of my acupuncture and metabolic nutrition will be:

Decreased or Eliminated Pain with Fasterand more complete Tissue Repair 


Improved Digestion and Better Sleep


Enhanced Hormonal Balance


Normalization of Blood Pressure


Blood Sugar Stabilization


Strengthened Immunity and Stronger Resistance to Illnesses


Easier to Handle Stress and More Happiness


Overcoming Pathological Symptoms ofDisease


Greater Vitality and Slowing Down or Reversal of the Aging Process


Your Powerful Natural state of Health awaits!