National Museum of Crime and Punishment Admission Ticket

National Museum Of Crime And Punishment Admission Ticket

From medieval knights and greed-driven pirates to today's white collar criminals, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington DC allows you to discover the cast of characters in America's history of crime. With interactive exhibits along the way, test your Wild West shooting skills, crack a safe and try to hack into a computer!

Built on 25,000 sq. feet, on 3 floors and with over 100 interactive exhibits, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment offers an in-depth study of America's most notorious criminals. From Bonnie and Clyde and old Wild West bank robbers to Al Capone and the Italian mob bosses, this museum has something everyone will enjoy!

Visit prison cells, learn about the instruments of capital punishment and discover the everyday heroes of law enforcement. Experience the exhilaration of high-speed police chase simulators and an FBI shooting range.

Find yourself in the middle of a fully intact crime scene with fresh evidence. Begin your investigation, using such forensic science techniques as fingerprinting, ballistics, and DNA testing to solve the crime. Learn about famous cold cases and crime in the media.

Walk onto the actual television set of America's Most Wanted with host John Walsh and see how community involvement in fighting crime has led to dramatic results, with more than 1,000 fugitives captured. Free child safety initiatives for patrons include a fingerprint station.

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