Nova Mobile Vet

Pet owners will attest that the car-ride to a veterinary clinic can be the undoing of both animal and owner. Fortunately Nova Mobile Vet can completely eliminate that anxiety from the equation. Thanks to the veterinary services provided by Nova Mobile Vet, your pet will receive the full attention of a doctor and licensed veterinary technician (L.V.T) at your home in our mobile animal hospital. Our veterinary team will expertly examine your pet and deliver answers to any burning questions you may have. Plus our on-site pharmacy can immediately provide you with the pet meds required or connect you to our affiliated pharmacy that will quickly delivery the medications to your front door.

Regardless of the type of veterinary attention your pet needs, Nova Mobile Vet is happy to assist. If your pets are healthy, scheduling a Nova Mobile Vet house call will provide your pet with annual wellness exams, vaccinations, preventative care and all appropriate health certificates. If your beloved pet becomes sick or injured, Nova Mobile Vet will come by to address your questions or concerns and provide a full range of diagnostic tests including digital x-rays, in-house blood work and microscopic analysis if required. Additionally our off-site laboratory network allows Nova Mobile Vet to run any test available.

Nova Mobile Vet is well aware of the powerful bond between owner and pet and will do everything to respect that relationship. No matter if your pet needs dog care or cat care, Nova Mobile Vet can provide those pet services and minimize the stress involved with the process. Loving pet owners in a pinch may not have the time to arrange for a babysitter or to take off of work in order to get their beloved pets the veterinary care needed and skipping the professional attention is not an option. Struggling to lift an injured dog into your car or enduring the howls of a terrified feline on the ride to a vet may only compound the issue. Why subject your most precious family member to unnecessary confinement and wasting your time at the neighborhood veterinary clinic? Scheduling an appointment with Nova Mobile Met will enable you to take care of your pets' veterinary needs without any of the hassle.

Once Nova Mobile Vet is at your front door, we will asess your pet with a physical examination and discuss all treatment and diagnostic options to empower you to make any decisions. Nova Mobile Vet utilizes a team decision making approach in relation to your pets' care. During our visit you will be well informed about everything that impacts the health of your pet including diet, vaccinations, supplements, medications and all medicine options in order to ensure the health and well being of your furry, fluffy and cuddly friend.