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Old Glory

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Of all of our "native" food, barbecue is uniquely, authentically and gloriously All-American. Old Glory, located on historic M Street in Georgetown, captures the food, flavor and feel of the great barbecue restaurants of the United States, and offers representations of each styles of barbecue served in different parts of the country. "It looks like a rib joint, sounds like a rib joint and smells like one...most important, of course, the kitchen smokes fine barbecue," says the Washington Post.

The huge barbecue pit, the open kitchen, and the 1901 Silver Dollar Four Winds hand-crafted bar, create lively, exciting atmosphere that is downright down-home.

We feature authentic Bar-B-Que. Great Bar-B-Que ain't just cooked... It's nurtured, it's felt. It can come from a sawed off 55 gallon drum on the side of the road in Savannah, or from the sparkling kitchen of a 150 seat restaurant in Kansas City, but the feeling is the same, True "Q".

In addition to our reowned Bar-B-Que, other signature items include Claw Hammer Pulled Pork and our Award Winning Lamb. We ain't just whistlin' Dixie here - take a look at the trophy case in the front of the restaurant!
Of all the culinary styles to be found in our vast land, Bar-B-Que is uniquely, authentically, and gloriously All American.

To salute the essence and diversity of our nation's regional cooking styles, Old Glory offers genuinely slow cooked meats and an array of regional housemade bar-b-que sauces and dry rubs that reflect the styles developed in some of our country's greatest bar-b-que locales.

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