One Way Auto Service

In June 1986, One Way Auto Service Center was founded to provide honest and superior auto care to the Washington Metropolitan area. At One Way Auto, we will not promise you the world, but we will keep our promise.

We accomplish this by giving you a clear picture of what we are going to do and then confirm you understand. We fulfill our commitment by using the best parts and services available. We desire to exceed your expectations. This business is founded on honest principles. We believe there is only one way to get your vehicle repaired - the right way.
Guy A. Cooper, President

One Way Auto can be characterized as a full-service automotive company that provides repair and maintenance services to both domestic and Japanese cars as well as light trucks. At One Way Auto, we take our service a step further, by providing concise and comprehensive planning on each vehicle before service is rendered. This guarantees that your vehicle receives the best service possible.

The founder and President of One Way Auto Service is a devout Christian who has set a goal for God to be glorified in every area of this business. At the age of 18, he went into business believing he could accomplish whatever he put his mind to. Now with 24 years of wisdom, he realizes youthful zeal is great, but not enough to accomplish the standard of excellence God has placed on this business.

He must fully implement the God-given vision of honest and superior service. Only then will God be glorified, customers be satisfied and everyone employed by this business be edified. There is only One Way and that is God’s way.