Primetime Pawn, Llc

Locally owned and operated. PrimeTime Pawn, LLC is now open for buisnees in Inwood, WV. We accept anything of value. Whether pawning or selling, come by and see us for the best deals around!

PrimeTime Pawn opened its doors in May 2010. Since the opening, we have been buying, pawning and selling items of value within the community. We believe - to make a business work, you need to be honest and respectful to your customers and offer them a fair price for their buy or pawn. Selling is no different; our prices reflect the best in the area. The owner wanted to bring his business to this area to help the community in these hard economic times, when they find themselves needing a means to stretch a dollar. We want and need your business, so stop by today to browse and shop.

Whether its electronics or jewelry, powertools or sporting goods - PrimeTime Pawn will give you the best deal in the area.