Smith Adams

SmithAdams is a fee-for-service real estate brokerage operating in Virginia, Maryland and DC. We offer a la carte services as an alternative to the traditional commission model.

Don't overpay.
You will only pay for the services provided. You will never pay more because SmithAdams will cap the fees at 3% of the final transaction price for that work. This way, you will pay no more using SmithAdams than with a traditional commission-paid agent for the same scope of work.

Prevent conflicts of interest caused by the traditional commission model.
A commission-paid agent gets paid only when a transaction is closed, so his or her economic incentive is to make sure a deal, any deal, occurs - even if it's not the best deal for you. Since SmithAdams is not paid on commission, potential conflicts of interest are eliminated. We faithfully represent the best interests of you, our client.

Benefit from the uniform quality of service provided by a firm.
At SmithAdams, we believe a better approach is a true team approach. When you hire SmithAdams, you hire the company - the combined breadth of the entire firm's knowledge, experience, and expertise is at your fingertips. SmithAdams - not just one person -- is on your side and accountable to you.