Starfish Café

Some of the freshest, finest seafood on Capitol Hill is dished up at Starfish Café. This sizzling spot specializes in seafood prepared with a spicy Creole flavoring and a tropical dash of the Caribbean. The plates are presented so beautifully you'll feel guilty digging in and savoring each tasty morsel. Start off with a zesty scallop and salmon ceviche or sautéed mussels, a variety of oyster platters. Entrees range from a flash fried sea bass crusted with pistachios, crabmeat stuffed trout, or sesame crusted tuna. There are also a handful of hearty pasta dishes, including a shrimp and tasso ham linguine, seafood linguine and a grilled chicken cannelloni. Finish off the meal with a piece of fresh, fruity mango key lime pie. Don't forget Starfish for an unbeatable brunch as well. (Andrew Noyes)