The New Life Chiropractic & Welness Center

The New Life Chiropractic Center is committed to providing you exemplary chiropractic care and complementary services. Our friendly staff and knowledgeable doctor are here to make your diagnosis and treatment as easy as possible. Under the direction of Dr. Steven Digles, our main concern is to provide the best in overall health to our patients and providing treatments that work with long-lasting results.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technologies and services to accommodate your needs utilizing both a hands-on as well as gentle instrument adjustment approach. We provide the following services:
- General chiropractic care;
- Decompression services;
- Vax3000 Allergy Symptom Elimination;
- Ideal Protein Nutritionally-based weight loss, as well as Standard Process Whole Body Nutritional Protocols (our clinic has collectively lost over 30,000 lbs!);
- Full Body Advanced Vibration Exercise;
- Orthotics;
- Silver Cloud Infrared Heated Roller Massage;
- Class 4 Therapeutic Cold Laser;
and much more!

We look forward to serving all of your pain, joint, inflammation and weight issues and helping you discover a new life and healthier you!

Visit us today to find out how the New Life Chiropractic and chiropractic care can change your health and your life!