The Powder Mill Recording Studio

The Powder Mill is located in Southeast Washington, DC. It is the home base of [Producer/Engineer/Mixer] Justin Long.

Situated on Capitol Hill, it's within close walking distance of dozens of restaurants, markets, two grocery stores, a coffee shop, and a liquor store.

Recently, projects recorded at the Powder Mill have been featured in promotional campaigns for American Eagle and Gant Rugger, and can be heard on TV shows such as "One Tree Hill" and "Real World".

The studio is designed to encourage creative recording techniques beyond the capabilities of the typical home studio without any of the needless "sheen" of commercial studios that always ends up stifling creativity. It has been set up to accomodate full-band live tracking and, aside from the two isolation rooms (one dead and one reflective) and a vocal booth, there is a comfortable, vibey control room and a spacious [25' ceiling] live room -- all of which have windows that allow a direct line-of-sight to each other. It is equally well-suited to track a full band or orchestral ensemble, layer instrumental overdubs, or just record simple voice-overs.

We love the technological advances that have allowed quality DIY recording to have become a reality, but have recognized there some things that are hard to record well in your bedroom. Bring in your project to track your drums or instruments that are troublesome to record at home because of space/noise requirements or just to have access to higher quality equipment as you capture your lead vocals or other key elements of your project.