Tony's Auto Body Shop

Tony's Auto Body Shop, Inc is a 2nd generation family business that has been serving Montgomery County since 1950. When you call us you will speak directly to either " Tony " or "Jo", co-owners and managing partners since 1975. We have established a long standing reputation as a top quality repair facility that caters to the old style ethic of putting the customer's best interests first. In today's world of insurance mandated cost cuts you will not find another shop better suited to represent you in the claims process of repairing your vehicle. If you prefer to choose to keep your insurance company out of the loop and " pay out of pocket" we will provide you with a repair that is priced reasonably. We are committed to a high quality product; however, we realize that not everyone is driving a new "Mercedes" and may not be interested in an A+ repair on their 2002 Cavalier. In this scenario we offer a variety of repair options that can put your car back on the road safely without breaking the bank. In addition to repairing light and heavy hits we are "The Shop" to call if you smack a curb and damage your suspension. Unlike your typical tire and wheel alignment shop that will set your steering wheel straight and send you down the road with caster and camber angle readings that are off the chart, we will correctly diagnose suspension damage as well as eliminating or confirming structural unibody damage as a contributing factor.
We are conveniently located next to the Twinbrook metro station on Chapman Ave in Rockville Md. Estimates are usually free and typically can be done while you wait. Calling for an estimate appointment is not mandatory but highly recommended as we cannot guarantee an estimator will be available if you just show up.
Repairs at Tony"s Auto Body Shop Inc. are guaranteed as long as you own your car. We work on most everything American - Japanese - European. You'll be glad you chose Tony's Auto Body Shop Inc.