Victoria Gastro Pub

Victoria Gastro Pub

Victoria Gastro Pub

The pub re-defined. What is a gastro Pub? It's a place with a warm, inviting atmosphere that serves sophisticated & innovative creations on classic pub fare. To that, we add an extensive & eclectic beer & wine list.

What is a Gastro Pub?

Wikipedia defines a Gastropub as “a British term for a Public House which specializes in high quality food a step above the more basic pub grub." The name is a combination of “pub” (the short form of public house) and “gastro” (short for gastronomy, or food-related). It was first used in 1991 when David Eyre and Michael Belbon opened a pub in Clerkenwell, London named The Eagle, that placed an emphasis on food quality not common in existing British pubs. In its simplest form, a Gastro Pub is “a place with a warm, inviting pub atmosphere that serves sophisticated, yet unpretentious food.” An extensive, and creative, Beer and Wine List is an integral part of the concept.

Why Victoria?

Many of the pubs in London are located in close proximity to “Tube” stops on the Metro System. The name Victoria is derived from Victoria Station, a stop that connects the Brighton and Chatham Main Lines on that system. It is also the name of the daughter of our Proprietors.

What is Our Menu like?

The main objective of our kitchen is to serve innovative twists on classic pub fare that stress quality and freshness with every recipe, and every ingredient. The menu items will draw from both national and international cooking traditions and will remain in harmony with the seasonal availability of high-quality ingredients.

What About the Atmosphere?

Everything about the atmosphere of the restaurant should stay true to three important adjectives: warm, inviting and unpretentious. We are the Living Room of the Community - a place where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable. We have gone to great lengths to provide an environment that is also unique and special.

What About Our Service?

Mentioned last, but first in importance, our service is synonymous with our brand. We work to exceed guest expectations! There are literally hundreds of ways to accomplish this. Each day brings an opportunity to find a new way. We strive to figure out how many different ways there are to say “yes” to a guest. We Listen. You cannot know what will make a guest most happy unless you listen to what they are saying, both verbally and non-verbally. We are Pro-Active. Whether it be reacting to a guest’s request, or anticipating a need before it is spoken, we do not hesitate. Give them what they wanted, and they will be satisfied. Give them what they didn’t even know they wanted, and they will be back again and again!

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