Virginia Martial Arts Institute Inc

Virginia Martial Arts Institute Inc

Welcome to Virginia Martial Arts Institute (VAMAI) where you'll discover the ultimate martial arts experience!  We offer martial arts classes for students of all ages and experience levels.  Our classes not only serve as martial arts but also aid in personal development where we will help you be your best self.  VAMAI has a spot for you where you will gain the lifelong benefits of discipline, respect, confidence, concentration, fitness, weight control, stress reductions and self defense.

Our mission is to:   

- provide martial arts training that encourages personal growth and development for each individual student at his or her own pace, emphasizing both physical and mental conditioning.

- uphold standards of excellence that inspire students to see beyond their current potential and reach new levels of personal success by setting goals and achieving them, building character, and improving confidence and self-esteem.

- instill traditional martial arts values of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

- provide an environment that supports each student on their martial arts journey toward discovering and claiming their own personal power from within and teaching the discipline and self-control to take responsibility for that power.

VAMAI programs do not focus solely on physical aspects.  Our programs are designed to cultivate physical, mental and emotional health.  While we hope you never have to use your martial arts training, you will experience a boost in confidence knowing that you can handle any situation.  Having the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones is a powerful feeling!  Children benefit from the mind body connection and develop confidence, achieve in academics and sports, excel socially and have the strength to say no to peer pressure.  VAMAI leads to the ability of living life fearlessly!  To make a positive change in your life while learning important skills, you must make the first step.  If you are interested in structured martial arts, Virginia Martial Arts Institute is a place for you.  Contact us to begin your journey today!

Be a part of VAMAI today! Call us at (703) 823-KICK [5425] or email us at [email protected]