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Tips for DC Empanadas

The mister Miyagi empanadas are delicious. They have a 3 for $9 deal that will leave you with an array of flavours on your palette!

- JJ Ramirez

Divine swine is the best!

- Jade Ryan

Just walk up to the truck & order the best -- & most creative -- overstuffed pastries in the District. Feel like some pulled pork? Some meatballs-in-marinara-sauce? Well, they have it, so go get it.

- AskMen

Eat everything!

- Asher Huey

Great for a fast lunch on the go! DC Empanadas does some truly unique little pockets of goodness!

- James Sullivan

I get the feeling you can't order wrong here. I tried The Badass (buffalo chicken and blue cheese), and it changed my life.

- Sandra Rubinchik

The Matadors (chorizo, potato, etc) are great.

- Dave Fishman

Such a nice lady! Empanadas are great. Also the sugar cookie with strawberry filling was yummy.

- Jade Ryan

Try the Thai Epanadas, so good!

- Brian Foor

The orange-rosemary cookies with milk chocolate centers are awesome. Get two!

- Duncan

Ladies and gentlemen, this truck sells Cheerwine. The diverse menu rotates so make sure to check Twitter to see what they'll be serving up. Surprisingly, the spinach and cheese empanada is my fave.

- Alicia Dunn

Anna makes killer empanadas - ask her what to get, but don't miss the dulce de leche cookies if she has em!

- Tammy Gordon

Tasty... tasty little pockets of goodness! Surprisingly filling!

- James Sullivan

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