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Mon–Sat 5:00 PM–10:00 PM

About Rose's Luxury

Fun, creative American restaurant. Mostly small plate but some family style portions.

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Rose's Luxury

One of the best appetizers fit for a last meal request: Crumbled pork sausage, litchis, coconut milk, tropical herbs, fiery habanero. When you get your bill: Chocolate-mint meringue cookies.

- Washington Post

Rose's Luxury

Some of the best food I've ever had from the most talented and nicest people I've met. Also please visit the restroom and enjoy its decor.

- Nathan

Rose's Luxury

The pork sausage, habanero and litchi salad delivers nirvana in a mix of mint, cilantro and Thai basil, a broth scented with biting habanero and a jumble of textures.

- Washington Post

Rose's Luxury

Don't leave until you've had the popcorn soup.

- Maxim Leyzerovich

Rose's Luxury

Everything is delicious...especially the eggplant tart

- Malcolm McGhie

Rose's Luxury

just get all the small plates, you won't regret it. personal favorite was the jerk. all chicken dishes were almost unrealistically tender.

- sam

English pea cake was divine.

- Kat L

Undeniably the best place to eat in washington. Order everything

- Nueteki Akuetteh

Rose's Luxury is chef Aaron Silverman's white-hot local debut, serving dishes like popcorn soup and fennel-stuffed gnocchi. It all takes place in a cozy space on Barracks Row.

- Eater

Lychee appetizer is THE must get item. Get at least one pasta dish. Foie dessert.

- Mykl Wu

Barracks Row hotspot from Momofuku alum Aaron Silverman, with an eclectic menu spanning pho to popcorn soup. The bar upstairs, furnished with antique couches, is a nice perch to wait from.

- Serious Eats

Food is unique and delish - small plates are pricy, but portioned nicely enough that you feel like you're actually getting something to eat. Staff couldn't be friendlier and decor is amazing!!

- morgan finkelstein

Definitely get the ribs & caramelized cauliflower!

- Matt Simeon

Order the pork sausage, habanero & litchi salad, a cacophony of herbs & texture. With mint, thai basil, garlic chips & whipped coconut milk, what you'll taste is greater than the sum of its parts.

- Washington Post

Bring a few friends to wait in line with and try almost everything on the menu. Highlights include the lychee salad, corn with guajillo chile, pickle-brined fried chicken, and caramelized cauliflower.

- Steven Androphy

"small, sharable plates categorized into cold, warm & grill, pasta. Among the best seasonal items are thick, fat bucatini topped with a tangy sungold tomato sauce, and fresh, creamy peaches" FR

- olivier PEYRE

Highly recommend the brisket, strawberry pasta, and Vietnamese pate to share. Also recommend the foie gras dessert. Everything is delicious here!

- Alice

Rose's Luxury

Elizabeth was a great waiter, well informed on the menu.

- Patricia Lafontant

Rose's Luxury

Inventive menu. start with the pork sausage/lychee app (mix it up!). Popcorn soup is rich. Fried chicken - great mix of sweet and salty. Cacio e pepe 👍, pesto less so. French toast + foie gras = yum.

- Richie Stark

Popcorn bisque with lobster, dark n stormy oysters, and strawberry pasta are all paradigm shifting in a good way.

- Venu

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