Barbara . Shostak, Ph.D.

I am a Clinical Psychologist who conducts therapy and counseling in my Fairfax Virginia office with adults and couples.

In general, you can expect that as your psychologist I will be someone who supports you, listens attentively, models a healthy and positive relationship experience, gives you appropriate feedback, and follows ethical guidelines. I speak in easy-to-understand terms, and provide honest and direct feedback in the most kind and supportive manner possible. As a therapist, I phrase things in a way that you can hear and that makes sense to you. Most people say I am a very down-to-earth and well-grounded counselor. I am there for you to work together to reach your goals. As a well trained psychotherapist, I also draw upon action-oriented approaches to therapy that emphasize broadening your personal perspective, entertaining new ways to consider problem solving strategies, and building more effective coping strategies. We do what works best for you, and together the work gets done.